I read a blog post by @janetHughes and I am thinking about culture and loveliness 

Blogs are important, but you know what’s also important? A culture. A visibility.

I read a post from the wonderful Janet Hughes and it stuck with me, because I now live in a place with an entirely different culture.

There’s a community of people who write weekly blogposts about what they’ve been up to and what they’ve learned, helpfully collated at https://weeknot.es/ I particularly like Cate McLaurin’s regular, thoughtful and lovely posts, like this recent post.

Source: Where to start if you want to start blogging – DfE Digital and Transformation

There is that word. “Lovely.” How has government changed to the point where you could use that word in talking about what you do?

How do I work to introduce that culture here?

Because everyone here talks about digitalisation. Social media marketing and influencers have become buzzwords here. This digital culture of caring about what you do, talking about it and being genuinely interested in and connecting with what other people do? Nobody has ever seen or heard of it.

The fact that I went to a networking event where people don’t use the hashtag and didn’t even listen to the speakers, that I went to Rostock Business and was told by a man who isn’t online but who thinks he knows everyone who’s anyone that there is no online community here… the fact that people who have the job to drive digital in government here don’t communicate outside their face to face meetings four times a year…

There is obviously more to it than a lack of skills. Where do I even start?

I mainly blog about all this in German because obviously I’m here… but this goes out to all of you lovely people who understand me. And if you’re interested enough to read this, I’m guessing you will 🙂

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