In the local paper!

This is such a nice article that I have to translate it.

37302648_507169309721692_832307191007412224_n (1)

Born in Kühlungsborn and grown up in Evershagen, Anke Holst travelled the world for 16 years. The last city the 47-year-old called home was London. After Brexit, she packed her bags, took her child and came back to her old hometown last year. The decision to leave the European Union disconcerted the globetrotter.

Since then she lives as a freelance translator for English and Swedish in Schmarl. As music and culture lover she missed live music offers in the area. At some point she had the idea to run regular music nights in the Old Dairy every last Saturday of the month. “The premiere is now on the 28th July, and I’ll organise the Music Nights with live music and DJ every last Saturday of the month”, she explains. “These are community events, so I want people to get involved and bring new ideas”, the initiator encourages. For the premiere, she has booked Gabriele Panster of Duo Panster. There will be smooth jazz and funky music to dance and listen to.

Something she didn’t know herself: This venue used to host live music events before. The proximity of the train station and bus stops made it easy for music fans from other parts of town to come here. She hopes to get others on board to create a desire for more cultural offerings in these parts.

Speaking of culture: Anke Holst is also involved in the Local History Museum in Warnemünde, spins yarn there and has created a cardigan for staff member Karin Krull in her role of Christine Jungmann, previous owner and donor of the building to the museum.


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