Here are some recordings of me talking about my post-Hare Krishna recovery.

It’s a complete series, ending with how I started to have emotions again. I’m happiest with the last episode, so I’ll post that one below, but you can of course click through to soundcloud and start with the first.

How has this come about? Podcasts are all the rage, of course. I had an issue with the sound of my own voice at first so didn’t really want to go there, but since the post-cult recovery angle is still a rare one, I thought I’d try it.

There was also a plan to make it interesting for a totally different audience that is dealing with the same issues of failure and recovery. But we will see if that works. 

To pack the story into five (there are six, with the middle one being somewhat of an intermission) episodes was the result of a conversation about podcasting with the wonderful Helen whose podcast you can find here.

Of course the plan was to do it as a conversation, but I have limitations on the technical side. A laptop running Ubuntu, recording distant two-way audio in podcast quality? It was beyond me. But the idea was in my head and it turns out I am stubborn, so I recorded the episodes just talking into a mic.

The first three are awful. But that’s ok, because it gets better. I don’t want to rerecord either because the theme is recovery and hey, I did it, I got better.

I took a whole day yesterday to do the last one (thanks, builders.) It’s a subject I really care about – how love keeps you somewhere where there is nothing for you.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Next I will have to get it on itunes because I’m fast running out of upload space on soundcloud. And I will also have to figure out how I want to go on with it, now that I’m all talked out about myself.

Anyways, here is some stuff to listen to.


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