#Marchforeurope Hugs

Yesterday I went to a demo. It was the first one since the huge Iraq War march in London all those years ago (not counting standing outside the annual Vedanta AGM with a bunch of other enthusiasts.)

I started throwing ideas around a few days before and ended up making a t-shirt that said Hug a German (while you still can.) The sleeves said Not a Bargaining Chip and Still Loving EU. I left the back blank and asked people who hugged me to sign it.

I only hugged very few people, and none at all while hanging out with other Germans – we really don’t like hugs, or otherness, very much. Or maybe I’m just more reserved with my own country folks. But I had one good spot on the corner opposite St James’ Palace with my friend Camilla, where I had a few people coming up to me for hugs.

Everything was really lovely. I think I wanted to do something different because the whole tone of the demo was one of love, and because going to the demo was about togetherness and supporting each other, even if the politicians don’t listen. After all, they didn’t listen when over a million people told them we didn’t want war.

I even posed with a few builders on the roadside who were respectful and supportive and told me they wanted to stay in the EU.

It was great. I ran out of steam as soon as I arrived on Parliament Square – must do more to keep up energy levels.





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