Motivations for using social media: Work Stuff outweighs Personal Stuff

GWI’s data on the reasons that people have for using social media; as our midweek chart makes clear, motivations such as sharing photos, sharing opinions and sharing details of daily lives have seen the biggest percentage decreases globally over recent quarters. At the other end of the spectrum, work-related usage of networks has seen notable growth

Source: Decline in personal sharing on social networks

This is an interesting development. I’m going to need to speak about what I do differently. Rather than constantly railing against the tendency to use social media marketers to do the online thing, always shouting ‘don’t leave your voice to others’, I can now assume that the motivation is there and can just offer my help.

No more ‘Speak for Yourself’ then, but Digital Coaching. Being online is important, so do it well and do it better.

Being genuinely connected will also help you make better decisions in your working life.

Anyone know any senior executives who could use some help with this?


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