I’m giving up. (It’s not giving up when it’s pivoting, right?)

I’m at the same point I was a year ago.

Actually no, that’s not true. I’ve written a book in the meantime, learned to stand up on a stage and speak (and not about knitting but about the things I really care about and aim to get paid for), was invited to speak about them, and I’ve had some actual conversations with people who got close to paying me for what I do.

Close. Not good enough.

So I’m giving up on telling people that they are doing it wrong. Maybe there is no place for dinosaurs like me with our ‘be yourself online and build great relationships’ naivete. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is louder than me, I just don’t have the clout (HAHA) to change anything.

So I’m going to do what I should have done a year ago and and move to doing something I don’t have to try and convince people is a necessity, is good, is important enough to do well. Fine, if outsourcing their online voice to some agency or freelancer doing cheap content marketing is what they think will work, let them. It’s become too hard to go up against that.

I’m going try to retrain as agile coach. I’ve always been good at coaching and building bridges between people. I don’t code but I used to – back before I got pregnant I programmed in Director, I think, writing a language called Lingo. I didn’t pick it up again after my maternity break, not aware at all that I was following a pattern, and also being unnecessarily stupid. A bit later I wrote a website in html, I was proud of that one.

Plus, I love this industry. All the best people are building things.

I’ve got some books on agile coaching and am going to continue studying .

I’m also going to try and find people I can shadow for a day or a week. So if you can think of anyone I can talk about doing that and wanted to connect me, or would be up for having coffee to talk about this, I’d be very grateful.


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