On that bit in @marthalanefox’ column about Apple’s health suite: It does now measure periods, but it’s useless

Posting this here because I can’t post pictures in the Guardian’s comment section:


The new version of the Health suite does have a ‘Reproductive Health’ bit where you can enter period data. I was excited by that, because surely Apple could improve on the many ways a Free Menstrual Calendar app is hugely useful in my life, no?

Yeah, no, it does nothing for me. I’ve entered my period data into both apps for a few months. I enter just the start day, it’s actually become a nice ritual for me and no hassle at all. (So I don’t need wearables for this, thanks very much.) The Apple Health app gives me the above, which is completely pointless.

As a contrast, the free app gives me the following really useful data: What day of my cycle it currently is (oh look, I’m fertile), when my next period is due (based on my average cycle length), my stats. Which I can export, in case it ever is of interest to a health professional. It’s clearly made by women, or with huge input from women, it even has themes you can use to personalise it. Cute.



How could Apple improve on this? Quite easily, I imagine, but here Baroness Fox is right: I don’t think they cared enough or had enough actual women to talk to.


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