I listened to @bbcwomanshour with Kim Cattrall

Embrace each other
Life in this climate
In this time
Does not encourage togetherness

Dating is like hunting
A man needs to want to
Penetrate our armour
Fuck that

We all need someone
Emotional and physical warmth
Don’t make it about
Being everything to someone

Don’t make it about
Owning someone
About being only with that person
For the rest of days

What’s with all that negativity
Celebrate people
Celebrate each other
Celebrate life

I’m happy to say
I don’t want physical love
And feel nothing
I want it all and why not?

Let’s spend less time alone
More time being close
To other people
Feeling love

Should not need to be exhausting
Relations are everything
Let’s try

Let’s try to be happy
With each other
We innovate in every other field
Why not this?

But let’s start from
Positivity about love.
The current ideal
Is sex without intimacy

That’s the best we can
Come up with
Excuse the pun
It’s rubbish

Let’s be loving
And wonderful to each other
As whole people
That’s it


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