Unpopular opinion: The G+ integration made sense

To most who joined Twitter for their business in the last 5 years, ‘social media’ is something ‘marketers’ do.

Social media generally hasn’t become the place where you are talking and available to talk to. Why? I guess the ‘social media marketing’ voices were always louder than the ones telling people to just be there, be connected and be available.

But never mind the reasons.

To me, G+ dealt with this disconnect by attempting to make people connect. Spending time in new places (we spent a lot of time in Holland when the decision to connect profiles was first made), it made absolute sense that a business I can find on Google maps would show a website with their offering, but also then a G+ account where you can see who they are and talk to them. And most importantly it made sense to the business.

‘Seeing who they are’ is kinda what we want to do and what every mainstream approach to ‘social media’ fails at because it’s always others (‘experts’) coming up with what they think customers want to hear. How bloody frustrating.

But – What if Google was able to make the ‘just be there’ approach (that other social platforms have failed at) make sense? By connecting the different places to its social offering? What if the nudge to actually get good at talking online and use G+ to do so had resulted in people seeing that it wasn’t that bad and they could make this interconnectedness work for them?

What if it’s people that failed to see that because the meaning of ‘social’ has become so twisted?

Google’s given up on it. Ah well.


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