The German government on Facebook: It’s really good.

Giving non-German speakers an idea of what the mood on the official facebook page of the German government is like. I love this approach.

Scrolling down the page can make for entertaining reading. The staff evidently keep a close eye on comments, answering questions quickly, politely reminding the more abusive contributors to tone it down and generally employing a light touch in their responses. Only vulgar abuse and illegal comments such as Holocaust denial are removed.

“The whole government should be put in jail. Perjury, theft (pension contributions), embezzlement of tax revenues,” one person wrote.

“Why are you so angry?” the government responded. “What evidence do you have to support your accusations? Best wishes from the editorial team.”

“Hypocrites,” wrote one critic under a statement by Merkel to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday. “Women in Germany still earn less money than men for the same work!”

“Thank you for the friendly address,” came the government’s answer, which referred the reader to future plans for equal pay legislation and ended with: “Have a nice week from the editorial team.”

“You get on my nerves,” wrote another reader.

“Thank you for the delicate remark,” the Bundesregierung replied. “Have a charming afternoon.”

via On Facebook, German government employs a dose of humor | Germany | DW.DE | 10.03.2015.


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