Social media depending on who got there first. Any other examples?

Being on social media platforms has become a universal need really quickly. In the rush to get something set up, organisations took a huge variety of approaches. A lot of organisations grouped social media with marketing, and marketing thinking was steering decisions.

However, organisations have different needs and structures, and some people who are louder than others. So here are what social media approaches look like depending on who got there first.

MBAs: Your personal social media activity has KPIs (key performance indicators). (a lot of civil service guidance.)

Legal: Your organisation’s Twitter account links to a page of terms & conditions instead of a human face. Tweets need sign-off. Sporadic tie-in with marketing. (popular with financial institutions.)

IT: Everything is automated, many hashtags, nobody ever replies. (the tourist agency in my home state. Generally very popular in Germany.)

Coders: male, 18-35, know everything about everything, social media included. Being ‘social media savvy’ is thrown in with digital skills. (I don’t think that’s a good thing.) (as much as I love them: the Government Digital Service.)

Comms department: Keep everything tightly controlled. Independent thought and activity highly discouraged. (Haringey Council.)

Any others?


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