#swatlondon – how much of this is ‘fixing the victim’? Thanks @mseckington for the notes


SWATLondon = Supporting Women At Twitter

I’d like to invite you all to identify how much of these messages are telling women to fix themselves, rather than realising that sexism in the tech scene is rife and won’t be fixed by us ‘becoming more confident’ and all that. Motivational speeches and ‘just change your mindset’ and work within the established power structures. Cool.

Here’s a talk by Belinda Parmar, also tweeted under the hashtag, that takes a slightly more critical approach to women in tech – still nice enough not to disturb anyone, because if we’re any less nice, we become Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn or Caroline Criado-Perez. And get death threats. And worse.

And yes I used the word victim. I don’t like using the word victim. But I’m just finally getting back to work and the first thing that happened to me was completely out of order. While there are still men in positions of power who think it acceptable to give us the choice of either dealing with sexual harassment or walking away from a business, this needs to be talked about.


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