Callout for hilarious social media agency stories

I’m writing. The basics of what I want to convey:

  1. you should be online as yourself,
  2. this is why you think it’s such a big mystery so you hand the whole thing over to ‘experts’,
  3. those experts mostly aren’t that great (and being online yourself helps you differentiate), and
  4. things you can do to be online better.

My motivation is really that the whole environment is so saturated by social media agencies/marketing that it’s becoming really quite boring. And interestingly, the push to use an agency is so universal that even people who have a good idea about social media do it, and then are amazed that they didn’t get anything out of it. How did that happen? In just 5 or 6 years?

The more people I talk to, the worse (and more hilarious) the stories get. They probably need collecting separately.

Do you have any good ones? Let me know.


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