Stoicism, mind-hacks, blah – can we stop trying to rehash old philosophies at some point please?

What the whole thing comes down to, distilled to its briefest essence, is making the choice that choice is really all we have, and that all else is not worth considering. ‘Who […] is the invincible human being?’ Epictetus once asked, before answering the question himself: ‘One who can be disconcerted by nothing that lies outside the sphere of choice.’

via Why Stoicism is one of the best mind-hacks ever – Lary Wallace – Aeon.

I am SO TIRED of people taking every old philosophy, making it into whatever they think it’s about, and immediately proceeding to position themselves as the ultimate teacher about it.

Every bit of martial arts has someone proclaiming they know the underlying philosophy better than that other bit of martial arts. Every yoga school is more about ‘what yoga is really about’ than the next.

Just stop it. You’ll never make any of this into the structured world view you’d like to rely on, so you can think you know what’s right and wrong. All this stuff was made up by people and all this stuff is equally right and wrong.

Found a new old thing and believe it’s the ultimate? Want to shout about it? Go ahead, because that’s exactly what every new convert does. People who really know stuff are far less sure and will be much more likely to go ‘eh, it may be, or it may not be.’


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