Anke’s Good Hair Guide


Posted a pic of my hair yesterday and went from What, I don’t do anything with it to Actually, I do quite a lot. So here’s my Guide to Good Hair.

Things I don’t do

Colour (I did have highlights a year ago), blowdries, cheap hair products, straighteners, velcro rollers, brushing right after washing

Things I do

Mostly Tigi’s Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner (I buy 750ml bottles & in the end it’s not more expensive than smaller bottles of cheap shampoos)

Sometimes when it gets a bit dull, I get a bottle of Sheer Blonde and use it every couple of washes.

Soak it in my mix of almond, macadamia and argan oil every couple of weeks.

For special occasions (like in the pic) hot rollers – they don’t put any stress on the hair at all.

And that’s it really. (What’s next, make-up guides on youtube?)


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