Imagine if Russell Brand knew whose side the Hare Krishnas are really on.

If you were in any doubts whose side the Hare Krishnas are really on, watch this video describing how one of India’s biggest and dirtiest industrialists, Anil Agarwal, gets his inspiration from going to their temple. Observe the throwaway comment at 6:00 about the many challenges when he started out, of which the biggest challenge were the unions. These are capitalists with not even the hint of any sort of responsibility.
In the Hare Krishnas, If you’re poor, don’t even bother, you can help in the kitchen and make more money for them until you run out of life. If you’re rich – or even if you’re just bullshitting that you’re rich, as Anil Agarwal has a lot more debts than actual assets, but has been promising to buy them a bigger temple for as long as I’ve been having any dealings with Soho Street temple -, they will love you, support you, let you be on the boards of the charities they register, present you to the Queen as their biggest star, and ultimately let you take over.
And yeah the Hare Krishnas love Russell too (he does give them a lot of publicity) but only because of his utter gullibility in accepting one of their mid-management level gurus as ultimate spiritual authority. They DEFINITELY don’t subscribe to his ideas about social equality.

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