Contributed Tweets… Why do social media when you don’t care?

Just been contacted by a recruiter about a job in social meeja… ahem. They don’t specialise in social but we all know recruitment works on the basis of ‘sure I can fill this vacancy for you, I am an expert. Let me just deploy my secret weapon THE LINKEDIN SEARCH’.

Said agency didn’t just have a twitter handle in their linkedin signature but also a hashtag, so of course I had to go look at everything. The twitter account tweets nothing but sport, and when I looked at the facebook page I found this

Screenshot from 2014-11-14 10:01:28

So not only do you (pay to?) leave the content for your twitter account up to a third party app thing, it also is completely pointless. (I’m guessing in this case it is because the owner chose random sports accounts as sources in Roundteam. Don’t do that?)

Screenshot from 2014-11-14 10:17:51

And my gosh you really don’t need a pinterest account. Or at least leave the link off your website until something is actually there.


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