Mindful Lobotomy

Last night I head a hilarious/hugely embarrassing/maddening (depending on what side you’re on) story about employees being put through ‘mindfulness training at work’ which consisted of Marina Abramovic-type activities. Massaging fruit for hours on end, that kind of thing. Now I love Marina Abramovic but I can see the hilarity of what happens when people just take what she does and try to make money out of it. So I’ve started an Everyday Mindfulness Bullshit blog over on Tumblr to collect that kind of thing. Send me stuff.

Speculative Non-Buddhism

Obedience to normalcy
is what lobotomies are for.

Someone sent me a link to Tricycle magazine’s “Daily Dharma” for February 3-10. My first response, when I get such links from the Buddhist glossies is to hit delete. Ready for some procrastination, though, I read this one.  The advice distilled in this “Wisdom Collection” confirmed a growing suspicion of mine:   meditation/mindfulness in present-day North America is hardly distinguishable from lobotomy.

Consider this. Among the “good results” of a prefrontal lobotomy are calming of obsessive-compulsive states; reduction of chronic anxiety; lessening of recursive introspection; amelioration of affective disorders; reduction of  feelings of inadequacy and self-consciousness; reduction of emotional tension. Sound familiar? Most significantly—Kabot-Zinnites take note!— prefrontal lobotomy

has also been used successfully to control pain secondary to organic lesions. In this case, the tendency has been to employ unilateral lobotomy, because of the evidence that a lobotomy extensive…

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