Maybe that @PamelaStephensn shouldn’t talk about people who ‘can’t handle’ one night stands. #bullshit


‘One-night stands are best left to those who can handle them’

via I haven’t had sex for 10 years | Life and style | The Guardian.

This quote upsets me. ‘Those who can handle them’ implies that people who do one-night stands are somehow tougher than those who don’t. I personally think that’s bullshit. There are those of us who don’t do it because it does nothing for us. And for other, valid and conscious, reasons. As if I can’t handle going home with a stranger. Fuck off.

As psychotherapist who advises people on life and sex and stuff you definitely shouldn’t use that kind of language. You should use language that doesn’t value one way of acting over another. Or am I wrong?



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