Oh come on the @guardian. Marina Abramovic doesn’t ‘teach mindfulness’.

Oh come on the @guardian. Marina Abramovic doesn't 'teach mindfulness'.

In my ongoing series of ‘I’m sure that’s not what they said’, today we see the example of the Guardian accusing Marina Abramovic of jumping on nonsensical bandwagons of ‘mindfulness’. I have been following everything Marina Abramovic has been doing over the last few years, plus I am a supporter of MAI, the Marina Abramovic Institute in Hudson, NY, and she never ever used that word. She has been sharing her method, starting from artists who need to be in the best possible shape, mentally and physically, in order to do long durational work, and she is sharing it now with the rest of the world.

Why would you take all that and reduce it to ‘mindfulness’? Every time I hear that word it carries less meaning. I know it’s all the rage with everyone from psychologists to school counsellors, but I have a problem with another new concept that’s supposed to provide all the answers to the problems of life in a simple formula, which includes calming your mind and thus buying into some Eastern ideas of what the body and mind are.

I’m going to actually write a longer post (or ten) about everything I think is wrong with this, but for now: I’m not buying it.


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