My 2013

The year was slow but steady progress in many areas and backtracking because of two stupid decisions re. work and love. I’m successfully over both, thanks very much (although I still haven’t lost the stone I gained while working on the German Weightwatchers magazine. Please make up your own puns) (and I would like to apologise to all the people I talk about my love life to. That can’t have been fun. I’m so sorry)

Here are the year’s highlights

Jan: ukgc13 – always a reunion with brilliant people. And it was where 300 seconds was born.
Feb: First trip to Holland with J. Also: a date
Mar: Wool House at Somerset House – it was BEAUTIFUL and I was spinning in my lunch break
Apr: Longer trip to Holland with J. It was lovely. And I managed to see J-P Gaultier’s exhibition at the Kunsthal
May: fashion editing – I was asked and I said yes. Another silly idea because again, effort >>> result
Jun: another date
Jul: Trip to Croatia without J. Hanging out with my lovely friend Kosjenka. It was the absolute best
Aug: Gishwhes – making public art and breaking a few world records (that actually happened but because the officials have to verify over 100K hug pics, we won’t have the confirmation until next year)
Sep: birthday party. Small but perfectly formed
Oct: spinning at the fringe
Dec: Danced my first Tango!
Here’s to the next one!

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