I’ve made some amazingly crap choices, even in the last 6 years.

The video is by Ranchor Prime, and old Hare Krishna guy who writes a bit. We were business partners for about 5 months and this how that happened.

When I had to leave Nigeria and move to London, I didn’t know what to do for work. Before Nigeria I was out in Reading and in those IT support jobs. I couldn’t go back there. And even though I had physically left the Hare Krishnas, I hadn’t left the mentality and values behind at all. I thought I should go back and be a devotee. Or at least follow all the rules and things. At the time I was still following most of the rules – I don’t think I’d had a drink, I was a vegetarian, I didn’t follow the fourth rule though – I did have some kind of boyfriend.

So I cleverly asked my guru what I should do. My guru pointed at Ranchor and said ‘I think he’s nice, go work with him.’ So I went and started a publishing company with Ranchor, with his wife and sister as the other directors.

Now if you look at that video you see a certain kind of man with a certain kind of energy. I’d just come from Nigeria so I was considerably more lively than I am now.

We worked a bit on a book about the cows at the Krishna farm in Letchmore Heath, I throw all I had into it. Then after three or four month of working together he was quite sure he was in love with me, his wife and sister made sure I was out of the business, and that was that.

That was a bit of a shock and a disaster on all levels and in all areas.

Anyways a few months later I went to my first tuttle and met some really good people…