I don’t know what they told Carl Zeiss Jena but probably not the truth

In other fun cult-related news, representatives of the new Vedic planetarium under construction at the movement’s headquarters in Mayapur http://tovp.org/vedic-science/vedic-planetarium/ went to Carl Zeiss Jena, the planetarium division, to buy some tech to display their medieval understanding of the universe. I wonder what the German VP made of that – but in time-honoured Hare Krishna tradition they probably didn’t tell Wilfried Lang of their actual identity and plans. The Germans might not even care what the Hare Krishnas want to display as long as they get paid (if anyone has any links with Carl Zeiss though, do let them know, they might not want their good company name on a display of the universe being born out of Brahma’s navel and shaped like a lotus flower) http://news.iskcon.org/tovp-exhibits-team-on-us-and-europe-tour,4156/


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