Another cult post

Had another lovely long chat with a friend yesterday. Why am I so down on the Hare Krishnas when they seem such universally nice bunch?

So here’s a few more thoughts.

The foundation of a cult: If I wanted to become a guru, the first thing I’d do is create a framework for people to stick to. Make it really difficult to follow so if they don’t become enlightened I can blame it (or even better, they will blame themselves) on not following my established rules. 

This is so that they don’t constantly bother me with questions and demands for my time. I’d quite like to enjoy my new status. 

The Hare Krishnas have a daily schedule of worship that starts at 4.15am and ends around 9pm. There’s the 16 rounds of chanting a day (takes two hours if you’re concentrating). There’s the four regulative principles of no meat, no gambling, no intoxication and NO SEX. Then there’s all the volumes of books the guru has written which you need to study for at least two hours a day. The combination of all that is pretty much impossible to attain unless you’re staying within the confines of the group, and so the group think takes over. The guru never needs to be bothered and is really just a pin-up and you’re really just a fan. A good example is the facebook group of my ex-guru. It’s really not very different from a Tom Hiddleston fan page… 

It’s quite cool when you do the experiment yourself – I have an idea for a cult, how would I actually go about it in practice? 

Anyways. Apart from all that, that chat with Claire (who btw is wonderful and you should all be friends with her) yielded a really good idea. A way of dealing with the past would be to start a charity which funds specialised treatment for people who have been hurt by the cult environment. 

It’s great for the simple reason that my issue with the cult isn’t really if their philosophy is true or not – it’s what it’s done and keeps doing to people. It has to do with their philosophy which results separating you from your feelings etc, which is why regular therapy won’t work for most of us – we need someone with the necessary experience to help us with this specific set of issues. 

So yes, I will give that some thought. Thank you Claire.


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