So, Gishwhes is over. What a week. We broke a world record. Apart from that, here are my top ten.

10 I can indeed knit a dress and most of a cardigan in 4 days. While a bit of manic knitting was worth it as two of the items actually involved knitting, it was also really nice to have a sock monkey dress to wear for a late night’s hugging adventures. Perfect outfit, I would say.

9 I have learned to fold a crane in the rain. And it’s totally ok to ask a stranger to hold the camera.

8 Turns out I don’t have a total aversion to cameras after all. How did that happen? I have seriously lost my fear (or whatever it was) during this one week. Who cares if it isn’t perfect, nobody is.

7 People aren’t that gullible. One item involved putting an ad for a cult in a local newsaper. I did and nobody showed up. Yay for North Londoners!

6 Huddle is great! (We used my old Huddle account, and a facebook group, to cooperate and keep track of list items. It worked perfectly. Thanks Huddle!) GO TEAM PATOOTIE!

5 156 MOST random missions set by a random actor can infuse you with as much energy as some ‘spiritual’ work given to you by a ‘guru’ that takes himself 199% seriously (that’s one for my Hare Krishna friends to chew over) (and it didn’t even surprise me)

4 Russia has 9 time zones. Geographically they would have 10 but there aren’t enough people in UTC +5 so they skipped that. (I learned that while running a twitter account for an alarm clock.)

3 Hugs are great. I think I might keep to a weekly target of hug pictures. Today I went to the market for a final push and several people said they don’t usually hug, and then told each other they loved each other or were proud of each other. That was just the loveliest thing. And then there were these two.

2 Seriously, people love hugs. I went out Friday night in Soho, with my good friend Adrian, thinking drunk people wouldn’t be too precious about hugs. In the end I wasn’t very brave and only asked a few people if I could take a pic with them. Those people were lovely though and we had an instant bond, because hugs.

1 We might have changed a life or two. One of the couples we asked if we could take a pic were beautiful together and we told them that. It turned out that they were on a first date. Did they feel different about each other after the hug pics? I think so.

I don’t know if this whole Gishwhes project was consciously geared towards having these kinds of effects. If it was, Misha Collins is officially my new hero, and a genius. If not – he’s still a beautiful little shit.


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