Help me decide what to write about after a week’s arguing with Hare Krishnas

I have spent a week talking about my Hare Krishna past and there is so much I need to document. Here’s a list of possible posts:

A: Talking about it is a little futile because evidence will only ever tell us what we already believe, but does that mean we shouldn’t keep mentioning facts, and talking about how we are moving on? There is always a chance people will actually use google before surrendering their thoughts to a religion – and especially one with so much going against it. And there are a lot of facts that, if I had known, I would have stayed away and lived my life instead of joining. So lets give others the chance. – a post with some general meandering about where I am right now and a collection of general facts, stories and links

B: How do so many intelligent people keep repeating what they have learned there without even questioning the validity of these statements? And these statements aren’t about the soul and the meaning of life, but entirely unrelated things the founder spoke about to strengthen his arguments; statements that are partly obviously made up, partly proven completely wrong by using the Internet and reading, partly, when looked at with a critical mind, defused with a healthy dose of ‘I don’t think it’s quite that simple’. Here are exact quotes from a long discussion in a group of alumni from the community in Sweden that I was part of before my son was born. They have all physically left and are all intelligent people – the community was home to the publishing house, and many good philosophical discussions were had there, nobody even has a problem with me having stopped believing that Krishna was god. How do they keep holding on to this stuff? – a shocked post listing actual statements and linking them to value statements about scientists, philosophers etc by the founder. Possibly followed by ‘if he spoke that much crap about science etc that’s so easily refuted, how do we just swallow everything he says about spiritual stuff?’ Sorry in advance)

C: How do people after leaving keep sticking with quick-fix self-help idiocy that’s supposed to fix the mess they’ve become (a la ‘if you have an emotion it must be because you’re not pure enough’)? These are some of the things people have told me after I’ve been venting on fb (I am in touch with a lot of people from those days, and also new friends who are dealing with the fall-out after leaving, so it made sense to do this there). – possibly quite personal and with a healthy dose of anger.

So, dear constant reader. A, B or C, or none or all of them?


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