While you wait for Chapter Two of How I joined a Cult, please enjoy this piece of hundred percent authentic Hare Krishna scandal comedy.

Ravindra Svarupa is one of their foremost scholars and used to be known as a bit of a revolutionary. Well – seems he has fully embraced the guru position, with all the politics involved in holding on to it.

Here‘s what he was accused of doing, and his reply (I didn’t make any of this up) is below and also here.

And if you’re wondering what the tone reminds you of, there’s this

‘As she came nearer to the hallway, I stepped back in to it a bit. It appeared to me from her facial features that she wasn’t actually listening and was trying to “tune me out.” I thought I needed to get her attention. As she hurried past, I effected a kind of symbolic gesture in her direction with my foot. I had no intention to connect, but because she made a little “woo” sound, so I assumed that I had—or that she had perhaps seen the gesture from the corner of her eye. This all happened quite quickly; she was already late.’


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