How to influence people when you’re 14

Yesterday my son (I’ll call him J, as that’s the first letter of his name) told me about something he is concerned about: Some Minecraft player had gotten himself a name as a great redstone engineer and was now influencing Mojang policy, while J considered this person’s actual skills to be ‘mediocre at best’ (his words.) J is concerned about not being able to use redstone in future. (Redstone is the electricity of Minecraft.)

He seemed to have legitimate concerns, but when I asked why he didn’t write this down and let the relevant people know, he said ‘I’m a nobody, why should they listen to me?’

I’ve had some experience with this, so I said look, if you write this down like you just told me, which I know you are capable of, put in some examples of what you mean, then no doubt people will listen to you.

He doesn’t believe that it’s even worth trying. He used the example of himself not wanting to listen to my doubtlessly correct arguments to illustrate that other people wouldn’t want to listen to his correct arguments either.

What do I say to that?


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