Sunday morning brunch salad with everything and halloumi

This salad happened because J wanted to try something new with halloumi. We like halloumi on a Sunday morning, because it’s ‘like the veggie’s bacon..’

You can throw a lot of things into this salad, but here is a basic recipe.

1 small head/bag of lettuce (to taste – anything works, I used lollo rosso but you’d get a bit more kick with rocket etc)
1 yellow pepper (any pepper works but yellow for colour)
some cherry tomatoes
1/2 onion
100g raw pine nuts
cup of farfalle pasta
1 halloumi cheese
balsamic glaze
quality virgin olive oil
freshly ground pepper, salt
herbs de provence

Get a salad bowl. Wash all the veg, shake the lettuce dry and tear it into bite size pieces, add to the bowl. (If using iceberg, try holding in both hands and, stalk down, bringing it down hard on the workspace. You can then remove the stalk very easily.) Cut pepper in half, take out the stalk and all the seeds (make sure you get ALL of them) and dice it. Quarter the tomatoes. Peel onion and dice fine (raw onion is not to everyone’s taste but in this salad it works – leave it if you don’t like.) Add everything to the bowl.

Boil the pasta al dente as per instructions, drain all the water. Toast the pine nuts in one layer on a tray, until they are just getting some colour, about the same amount of time it would take to toast a slice of bread. Add both.

Fry the halloumi in a little oil, in about 5mm thick slices, turning them once. Meanwhile, add olive oil and some balsamic glaze to the salad bowl, some freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of dry mixed herbs. Very little salt is needed, as the halloumi adds plenty. When the halloumi is done, tear the slices with a fork and add it to the bowl.

Mix everything, leave to stand for a few minutes so the flavours get absorbed, serve.


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