So that class last night.

So, my former guru (Krishna-Kshetra, you won’t have heard of him) gave an online class last night. He’s an academic so he’s systematically going through the yamas and niyamas (rules and regulations for yoga practice). Yesterday was about brahmacarya, or sexual continence. I listened to the recording just now and had to switch it off. I thought he had changed a bit too but it was all that old crap about women being the object of the senses and, if you can’t be a brahmacari (monk), then get married. His only nod to more ‘liberal’ devotee life was saying ‘ok, if you can’t follow the “sex only for procreation” thing, then have all the sex you want within your marriage. But that will mean you’re not as high-class a person as you should be’.

I still love my old guru, he’s a lovely man. I actually wrote him a mail when I realised I couldn’t be at the class. Considering that very few of his followers actually are brahmacaris, I tried suggesting he let someone speak about loving and conscious togetherness for couples, just so the old ‘you only have sex because you can’t keep it in and you should hate yourself for it’ gets balanced out a bit. It doesn’t have to be him, since he’s a life-long brahmacari. No answer.

Nah, I think that chapter is well and truly closed. I’m quite sad now.


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