The Sioux campaign to buy back the Black Hills that belong to them

<blockquote class=’posterous_long_quote’>Just this year, United Nations&nbsp;special rapporteur&nbsp;James Anaya&nbsp;conducted a 12-day tour of Native American land, to determine how the United States&nbsp;is faring on the&nbsp;United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a survey endorsed by the Obama administration&nbsp;in 2010. Anaya met with tribes in seven states on reservations and in urban areas, as well as with members of the Obama administration and the&nbsp;Senate committee on Indian affairs. The UN special rapporteur tentatively recommended the return of lands to some tribes, including the Black Hills to the Sioux. His full official report with recommendations is due in September 2012.</blockquote>

<blockquote class=’posterous_long_quote’><p>• See here for more information about the fundraising campaign to buy back Pe’ Sla for the Sioux Nation</p></blockquote>

This is encouraging.


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