This is a leaflet for the Vedanta AGM demo

Vedanta_AGM_Leaflet_2012.pdf Download this file

It’s quite obviously designed by someone who doesn’t do leaflets. The information should be in few points, jumping out on you, right?

What if there is a lot of background info that it is necessary to understand? What if it can’t be summed up in a few shouty headlines? What if the writer really cares that you get what he wants to tell you, rather than letting an ‘experienced communicator’ edit the info down?

Do things wrong. They might have more impact than every well-designed leaflet in the world. (I hope so, anyways.)

Why do I care about this? I think it’s important that we understand that Hindus have an entirely different value system, and it is built into their religion that some lives are worth more than others. We may not agree with this but through our financial markets and our government’s involvement, we are implicated every day.

That’s why I’m going to go demonstrate at the AGM again this year. It’s the one issue I care enough about to stand on the street and make a lot of noise.


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