Campaign for Wool excited about Yarnbombing? It just doesn’t feel quite right

I’ve seen several excited tweets about yarnbombing from the Campaign for Wool and WeLoveWool. Here’s why that doesn’t feel quite right.

Wool is a wonderful material. Sheep, who really don’t need much more than grass, grow it for us, and it is a lovely thing to work with. The stages of wool production, either by machine or hand, take a lot of skill and care.

Yarnbombing is cool and fun. But by its very nature, the yarn is outside of its comfort zone, it’s exposed to the elements, so the only way to make it last is to use synthetic fibres, aggressively dyed.

Yarnbombing with wool is possible but it’s not going to last. It becomes a throw-away gimmick, while woolen items used in clothing can last a long time.

If you Campaign for Wool, in my opinion, you should not stand for throwing away the very material you are campaigning for.



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