So I’ve decided to blog about – Massage

I know, I know, I’m in England. We don’t talk about bodies, and if we do, it goes with with an oo-err missus.

Well – I love massages, so I’ve decided to write about them. Massages, the way I know them, are only mildly related to sex – anything that makes you feel good (better?) is going to bring back your libido, if it was gone that is. I can’t believe there are people who have never had a massage, especially people I otherwise spend a lot of time with, plotting things that can change the world.

I’ve had issues with back pain since my early twenties, and because I was helped so much by a combination of therapies (and dance, to help with posture), I have done some massage courses myself. I’m not planning on opening my own practice – that’s a blog post in itself.

Also: Alternative therapies. Yes I’ve done the odd Reiki course, yes, I’ve had acupuncture and other things. Massage is in a class of its own however – even the most scientific of scientists can’t deny that human touch makes them feel good, that we need it to feel human, that it’s just simply lovely. Hence I’ll be keeping my posts to massage treatments.

So I have quite an intense life, and massages and making things are how I keep my body and soul together. But we all have lots of things going on and should all do more of this. Yes, I know, English people and touch, etc. But we are changing other things about this culture too, so why not look at making each other happy and healthy?

So this is me reporting from the various treatments I’m having (don’t be jealous, you wouldn’t want my life, really.) There are huge differences between the various massage techniques. If any of this sounds good and makes you curious, I’ll aim to include contact details, so go and try it out, ask me questions if you have any – mostly, have fun.


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