Sign the Petition: LOCOG: Ensure the payment of arts practitioners performing for Olympic events |

There have been reports (most of which stem from the Corporate Watch report[1]) and evidence from musicians that show that LOCOG seems to understand the drawing power of music and the arts for its entertainment, but holds those who make up the profession in low esteem. In short, LOCOG is not paying professional musicians for performing, citing that the publicity is adequate compensation.

This is a fiction: currently on the London 2012 site, it is impossible to find a listing of all musical groups performing at all of the opening events: only headline acts are mentioned. LOCOG’s “policy” of not paying musicians has had a lot of publicity – but who knows what the policy is for other art forms?

Putting aside whether you like sport or not, the Olympic events are costly[2]. Everything needs to paid and accounted for. The mystery is why arts practitioners like musicians are not included on the balance sheet, especially when the service they are being asked to provide – the entertainment of the spectators and showing the best of the host nation – is such a vital part of the Olympics (see the Olympic Charter recommendations for National Olympic Committees, point 3.2 [3]). To have omitted financial accounting for the arts would seem poor planning and a shame for the United Kingdom – a major exporter of its arts[4].

Unbelieveable. Sign please.


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