Sioux Nation Reservation Is Least Healthy Place in U.S. – Bloomberg

Sioux County, North Dakota (USUSND), is the least healthy place in the U.S. for the second consecutive year, while Los Alamos County, New Mexico (USUSNM), is the healthiest, according to a study.

I’m interested in how we all ignore what happens to the people who live on the land we chose to colonialise.

But then, interestingly, when you speak to Australians – there the process of colonialisation was a lot more ‘successful’, if inhumane to the Aboriginals. They don’t even have reservations, they’ve just taken over the whole place, and there’s literally no mention of what was there before the English supplanted their culture on it. Or is there? I don’t know, I haven’t been there. It certainly doesn’t seem to feature anywhere in the daily lives.

I guess it’s all a question of perspective, and the same thing happened throughout history. Could it happen now, can you just kill off a whole culture because you have the power to? Are we more conscious of this now, would we rebel against it, if made aware of it?


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