Let’s change the headline. Grayson Perry: ‘The best religions develop organically. On Twitter, probably.’ | Art and design | The Guardian

The bear is almost as famous as Perry by now, and a reader wants to know who Perry prefers – himself, or his bear?

“Oh well it depends. If I’m going to play the game then of course Alan is my deity and I owe everything to him. Therefore I would say that he is the senior partner. But of course I’m afraid to say that I projected everything onto him, so I’m sorry Alan but he owes everything to me. I have invented him. I hate to tell this to people but most gods were invented by someone. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m in the present, whereas the famous gods were invented by someone a long time ago.” An audience member asks if he is serious about regarding Alan as a god, or merely being satirical, and Perry admits that at first the idea was a joke, but over time has evolved into “a serious look at how religions form.” The best religions, he adds, “develop organically. On Twitter, probably.”

I’m trying to be helpful so am coming up with new headlines for this Grayson Perry article. I was told by David Mitchell, when I complained about one of his recently, that it’s not the same people writing the headlines as the ones that write the articles. And yes, headlines are supposed to draw attention, etc etc.

This one bothers me as the headline jars with the things Grayson Perry actually says in the interview. He doesn’t want a Young British Artist catfight. I don’t think he even cares about Damian Hirst, or his accounts that much. There is a lot more interesting stuff to take a headline from.

It’s one thing when tabloids do this but I think the Guardian should have a bit more pride. So let’s write a better headline for it. Mine is in the title. Other ideas?


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