Re-organisation of my online presence is go.

Today, during a chat in the Unlibrary, I’ve finally concluded to re-organise my online presence.

Right now, this is what it looks like:
wordpress blog (this) for professional blog posts.
Posterous blog for everything from audioboos to pictures from a recent walk.
Conscious Communications site for marketing of my consulting services.
Speak For Yourself site for courses.

This is the plan:

Conscious Communications will be phased out. It’s a horrendous name anyways. The hosting from there will be used for, my online presence. I haven’t decided on a platform for that yet.
‘Speak for yourself’ is nearly perfect, it needs a static landing page, and needs to include well-written narratives and case studies. Speak for yourself is also going to be my future brand name.

I will keep this blog and the posterous blog as they both fulfill slightly different functions.

As for platforms, I built Speak for yourself on joomla, and am happy with that. But as for – I really don’t know. WordPress didn’t quite do what I needed it to do, I might play with the current wordpress to find a theme that works for me. I did build on wordpress which was great.

Anyways – any ideas for what other platforms I could use, let me know please! Or I could just build it on Dreamweaver…


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