LocalGov Website Embedded Events Service

On the back of my organising the London Localgovcamp earlier this year, I get to hear from a lot of people developing a variety of different things for Local Government services online. From time to time, there are interesting things.

This, for example, is an embeddable events listing service, by GlobalDataPoint, a company already involved in both creating and finding uses for event data streams. They already hold 40,000 geocoded venues in their database so are a likely candidate. Working with local government, they are very happy to adapt every application to the individual council website.

Here is what it would look like for Haringey Council’s event pages. It’s such a big improvement to what is there now.

Opinions? Would you like to try this service for your council websites? Are there others already doing this well? Let me know.

Here’s the service in some more detail:


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