Speak at World Travel Market? Don’t mind if I do!

So last year I went around and told people at the World Travel Market to look to their own local communities before trying to build a social media campaign. This year I’ve actually applied to speak about it (yes, in front of people and all that!)

This is the synopsis I just submitted: (I’ve never submitted a synopsis before but you learn I guess)

What you need to create an impact on Social Media platforms is already around you. Social Media communities are made of real people – we want to meet up and socialise in real life. You can use your resources to help us develop our skills and business models, and as a result you have a huge bank of skills to draw on, and some really committed people actually talking about you and helping you to learn to speak for yourself on Social Media platforms.

Salons, tweetups, tuttles – whatever your preferred local flavour. You *will* need somebody to pull this together – the gracious hostess of the salons who works tirelessly to facilitate this community and who has the skills to bring out the best in people.

Anke Holst is a community builder working with organisations in local government, IT startups – she is part of the Tuttle club, Social Media advisor to Sixt UK and organiser of the London Localgovcamp.

What do you think?


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