Why am I such a twitter evangelist?

Very simple – it is the first truly open platform. It allows the building of both local and global networks. People have built social networks even before the world-wide-web was invented, but you had to join them (or be invited) and keep track of them, and once you were a part of one, you weren’t part of another.

We still need protected networks but for most of us, this new openness is a huge advantage. Not least for travelling – how cool is it to find out what people really thought of the hotel you’re about to book? How about a local business network? Great to have on twitter, because you can connect with your neighbours (and competitors!) and share ideas.

Sharing, openness – these seem to be the new key principles most of the web has adopted. Can you learn them in one day? Experience says – doubtful. That’s why we are launching a 3 month e-learning social networking course using a protected social media playground, weekly e-learning lessons, video and text based course material, feedback and a final practical exercise on the “real” twitter.

By then, you will have gotten it.

Let me know if you’d like to be part of the pilot – kicking off very soon.


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