Social Media in Marketing and Advertising? Just don’t cheat.

My take on Technology for Marketing and Advertising.

Very often while walking through the aisles, you could see Social Media on the list of services offered by the exhibitors. I was interested in how this goes together with the fact that the #tfma twitterstream wasn’t exactly going crazy. The only audioboo posted at the event was mine. There is a mashup… I’ll let you judge for yourself. (I think the boys from MyOnePage could do this much better, hence I’m talking to them about the #localgovcamp stream)

In my opinion, many of the Social Media services offered had to do with shortcuts to achieving mentions on Social Media, probably because it’s too difficult to do it right. No, people. Doing it right *does* work, and costs less.

Every time people become better at cheating, things like search engines become better at picking that up. So why react with trying to cheat better? Why not just really talk about it? Social means social. Do something great and people will talk about it.

Like for example, if you’re a car hire company, get people to the places they are going to cheaper, while having more fun together. They will actually talk and you get your mentions with minimal effort.

Objective achieved.


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