Another reason I love twitter

I’m a member of a few real-life communities whose members are spread out all over the world, and who would really benefit from being tightly connected by technology. Throughout the years, I’ve always tried to help, built online forums etc. The very old BBS still exist, but the forums have come and gone as technology has moved on.

Try and convince community members who are not working online every day migrate to another forum – that works once, but everything above that is a hard slog and becomes ridiculous. Hence, as the old forum software stops being supported, we’re losing voices.

Twitter however is so minimalist and so open to being fed into all sorts of applications that this problem will disappear. Once you’re on twitter, you don’t need to migrate again, you just find the app that’s right for what you’re doing and your profile and your friends move with you. And when there’s a better app, you use that one. Genius.

I really hope we stick with Twitter for a while.


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