Social Media

Everyone around us creates content all time. Smartphones take pictures and record video, and we all join in conversations online by leaving comments on news websites, blogs and online shops.

What’s happening in Social Media right now is that methods are being developed for making these conversations discoverable to the people they are relevant for. This can mean talking to fellow knitters about what you’re knitting and helping and inspiring each other, or, if you are a business, this can mean picking up conversations about your product and building a captive audience who are interested in you and what you are offering.

Think about it, how much more cost-effective can your communications be if you 1. speak for yourself and 2. speak to a willing audience? And ideally, 3. convert this willing audience into your advocates?

Every company who uses social media does it differently. All of us are taking part in shaping what it’s going to look like in the future. The power of social media is so big that practically all new mobile phones come with the ability to record media and access to some sort of social platforms – the biggest and most open one, twitter, can be accessed even by using sms.

Small and medium businesses are only just waking up to the fact that not only are they able to join in with these conversations, but are even very welcome to. In most places, an active local online community is forming, and for local businesses to join those discussions and talk about – and for – themselves is the logical next step.

You don’t even need to write much. A twitter update is anything less than 140 characters. A picture says 1000 words, and a video is made up of how many pictures? Imagine people creating their own entertainment and news channels by following exactly the content they are interested in, which might include a picture from the queue outside the local butcher on Christmas eve, or the latest beauty treatments available at their gym. Yes people are talking about you anyways, you might just as

This content is sometimes done on the fly and roughly edited, and sometimes more professionally produced. We can set you up with either. Debbie is an experienced film maker and has produced content for TV (full bio here) – and Anke is the audience and community builder. Create the content and assemble people to listen to you.

What’s happening with Social Media is nothing less than revolutionary.

We have entered a new age in regards to just about everything. Take part and make it your own.


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