Avatar – my comment on a review in the Hindustan Times


How many places in India and around the world can you name where adivasis are being driven from their land/killed by greed for the minerals under their holy mountains/trees/etc?

I’m reading a lot of “spiritual” blogs (for example, http://deshika.wordpress.com/2009/12/27/avatar/ ) where “devotees” are complaining about James Cameron having misunderstood the concept of Avatar. Well dear devotees – if your spiritual organisation (for example, ISKCON) is on the wrong side on this struggle and actively supports companies (for example, Vedanta Resources) in the destruction of holy mountains (for example, Niyamgiri) and the home of adivasis in the name of resource (for example, Bauxite) exploration, then *you* are misunderstanding something and need to be corrected.

Even worse when your swamis invest their guru dakshin in oil/gas exploration. Nuff said.


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