Stanza – free ebooks on my iphone

Stanza has become this year’s late discovery. It’s an iPhone app, free to download from the app store, and my first experience with ebooks.

The app is very well structured, and the reading experience is surprisingly smooth. iPhones have large touchscreens and touching on the right side turns the page, touching in the centre brings up a navigation screen.

Font type and size are fully customizable, and one button changes between two basic themes – for day and night reading. Moving a finger up and down the screen changes brightness, again brilliant for changing light conditions.

I’m a lover of real books but I can easily read on stanza.

To top it all off, Stanza has access to the full database of the Gutenberg project and other stores of free and out-of-copyright books – a huge library of classics!

Stanza also has social media integration, allowing to share quotes etc on facebook and Twitter while reading.


One response to “Stanza – free ebooks on my iphone

  1. Nice post Anke! I tried that a few months ago and agree it is great for the ‘classics’. In the end though, I downloaded Kindle for the iPhone for a particular title. Whilst that isn’t perfect yet (it uses the US site for purchases for example) it does enable me to read new titles easily.

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