Und alle so YEAAHH!!

“Und alle so YEAAHH!!” – the whole story translated from here

In Germany, there’s going to be a general election on Sunday. I’m going to tell you a story involving black markers, plastic chairs, twitter (of course) and flashmobs. Sitting comfortably? Here we go.

One day in the not-so-distant past, someone in Hamburg (who it was, we don’t know) walked past one of the posters announcing a speech by the Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hamburg. He felt creativity overcome him. He took out his black marker and scribbled on the poster:

And everyone goes YEAAHH!!

And everyone goes YEAAHH!!

A few minutes, hours, or days later – we don’t know – somebody else saw his scribble and took a picture of it. He uploaded it to flickr. Somebody saw it and mentioned it in his blog. From there somebody else saw it and mentioned it in HIS blog. Somebody else made a song about it.

Suddenly, a lot of people started talking about it on twitter. After days, hours or minutes – the details are lost in the mist of time – the word flashmob was mentioned.

The rest is history.

I should mention that what makes this so funny is the colloquialism of Und alle so YEAAHH!!. It’s literally describing a situation where the chancellor comes to Hamburg (as the poster says) and everyone goes YEAAHH!! which obviously is ludicrous. Still… people just couldn’t stop laughing.

We don’t know how this is going to affect the election results. We shall see on Sunday.


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