Digital Inclusion tickets: Private Sector = £895 + VAT ?????????

Really quite unhappy about things around

You know the drill – oldest post on the bottom

@technokitten yes and look at how much govt funding the @media_trust has received to do exactly this sort of thing.
6:12 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck in reply to technokitten

@citizensheep it’d be a very expensive lunch though 🙂
6:03 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck in reply to citizensheep

@citizensheep if they want my input they can buy me lunch. Don’t think it’s going to happen since they aren’t paying @marthalanefox either.
5:59 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

Private Sector = £895 + VAT ?????????
5:52 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

why can @media140 charge max 50 quid for an event and all these orgs who get all the gov money for digital inclusion charge so much? Anyone?
5:52 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

Ah, it’ll be this one then Rather horrible website. See all of these sponsors, like the @media_trust? why not free then?
5:48 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

@Marthalanefox Ah! The plot thickens. Also unethical: mailed me saying he was working on some digital engagement policy, could I call him…
5:41 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck in reply to Marthalanefox

Digital Engagement Policy‏
From: Paul Robinson (
Sent: 16 September 2009 11:13:19
Hello Anke,

I am currently working on some digital engagement policy.

Please can you call me?

0161 838 2549


Paul Robinson

@marthalanefox @the_anke – first i have heard! i dont get paid!
5:36 PM Sep 16th from web in reply to the_anke

IS there a lack of money when it comes to digital inclusion? Do we need to charge the people who are trying to do something for taking part?
4:46 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

.@harry_harrold Ah so they are targeting everyone from #rebootbritain? Which btw was a _free_ event, so why not this one @marthalanefox?
4:45 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

One of his selling points was “all the digital champions are going to be there”… Who here is actually going to be there on 6th Oct?
4:32 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

I’m going to go away now because if I start talking about all the things that are wrong with that I’m going to sound really pissed off.
4:28 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

I’ve just been called by somebody trying to sell me a ticket to a Digital Engagement event with @marthalanefox on 6th Oct for 95 quid.
4:28 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck

7 responses to “Digital Inclusion tickets: Private Sector = £895 + VAT ?????????

  1. Completely with you on this one… Not sure where this event came from, particularly as there are several others (created by some great people that really care about this subject) that have been / are going on.

    While I respect their right to capitalise on an increasingly-hot space, I feel as they are doing so without any real investment in the debate. I doubt this will advance the agenda much at all.

    Needless to say, at 895 quid, I’m passing on this one.

  2. Hi all,

    I felt compelled to post in response to the above. I wanted to make it clear that the £895 price tag for tickets was only for Private Sector attendees. This is the first time we have hosted this event and we have been offering discounts via various sites.

    Socitm members can attend free. Public Sector attendees are being charged £95 and if you follow the event on twitter, you can get a free space regardless of which company you work for. Anyone who is registered and following LGEO research is also being offered discounted rates.

    Anyone wanting to attend who is associated with this site or upset at being charged to attend, can contact me directly and I will organise a complimentary space. The aim of the event is to encourage debate and progress the agenda further. Apologies for any offence or confusion caused.

    You can contact me on

    • Thanks for your response Aisha.

      However you have not addressed some of the main concerns.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel that

      1. E-mail addresses were collected on the site. The mail that Paul sent to them is not straightforward in its wording – I might even say it’s a lie. He is clearly not working on a policy but is trying to sell me a ticket.
      2. When running a “Digital Engagement” event you should have some basic knowledge of who you are dealing with. To try and sell tickets to people like Will Perrin, who is really somebody you’d want to ask to be speaking at your event, is quite rude.
      3. When running a “Digital Engagement” event you should have some basic idea of the tools you are using to market your event.

      If your organisation is really interested in Digital Engagement, and in listening to people who are working on projects right now, I could give you a whole set of ideas which came out of our shared experience at rebootbritain – an event which had most of the people you have approached for this event.

  3. Anke,

    I’m sorry you don’t feel I have addressed your concerns.

    The response to the event has been very very positive and this is the first time I have come across anything negative. We were overwhelmed by the response we had from speakers and could not accommodate everyone in the plenary, hence their being so many speakers on the panel debate at the end.

    I agree with your comments about the email you were sent and this will be addressed. We have a limited number of tickets that we allocate FOC to delegates after which point we contact people directly to attend the event. I am happy to discuss the matter further with you and you can contact me via the email address above or via my direct line 0161 817 6675.

    If you do decide to come to the event, I’d like to meet with you and maybe discuss a more favourable pricing structure for delegates. It’s unfortunate you missed out on the free bloggers spaces I was giving away, I think it would have been great to have you blogging about the event. It would still be great to have your input on the event but I will leave that up to you.

    Despite the fact that the event has clearly upset you, I am pleased you have this blog as you have bought this issue to my attention.


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