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Future of Work 12

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I’ve somehow become part of the regular crew meeting to talk about the Future of Work, run by Johnson Controls and led by Dr Anne-Marie McEwan. We are a hugely diverse bunch of people and today it felt that I was the most diverse of them all – both with German, Scandinavian and Nigerian history.

The subject is very close to my heart (I’ve blogged about my own family history before), and when somebody speaks about changing company culture, I usually speak of valuing a person’s culture and doing something worthwhile with it.

One of my own illustrations of culture clash: Gardens – which can be thought to represent a personal space, unobserved, uninhibited, which then if it IS observed, becomes a guilty pleasure. English culture means people love their own space behind their own house, even if it is the size of a stamp. In Germany, partly because we’ve never been conquered by the Romans, and we appreciate communal gardens. In Sweden on the other hand, people don’t know net curtains.

Tim Casswell illustrated our discussions while we were talking – and that’s his artwork of me standing in my garden wondering what happened and why we can’t enjoy the space together. Pretty close 🙂


One response to “Future of Work

  1. Hi There

    I’m the founder of WorkSnug as well as a writer and futurist focused on the future of work. More recently I’ve been involved in several Digital Britain/Digital exclusion related projects in the UK. I’m based in London.

    Checking out your Tweets I’m SURE we must know loads of people in common, and it would be great to meet.

    Re: your tweet on WorkSnug – No idea if you use an iPhone 3GS, but if so, I’d be very glad to give you a vaguely naughty pre-release copy of WorkSnug so that you can see how we’re aiming to target community involvement and review.

    Perhaps drop me an email and we can talk.

    Many thanks

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