Akvo Festival Toilets

akvoWe worked closely with our partner Earth Water to drive donations at distinctive toilets at the Parade Festival, featuring real water and sanitation projects like this one and this one, that people could donate to on the spot. This model can easily be reproduced at lots of the festivals happening around the UK.

Akvo, the open source for Water and Sanitation, is creating a set of ‘wraps’ that allow festival and event organisers, as well as permanent venues, to create fundraising toilets. Based on our work over the last 15 months with the De Parade Festival, we will create

1. a kit and set of templates that can be used by anyone needing toilets at an event.
2. sets of decorations for permanent toilets in sports or culture venues

The main objective for these decorations is to reflect what Akvo does:

Akvo is entrepreneurial

Help us reach our break even and then our tools can be used by many others.
We innovate – and have proven we can deliver partner networks and software systems.
Akvo expects to attract €60 million of projects over the next few years – we’re an efficient investment.
We’re designed to scale. We can have significant impact in water and sanitation, and can impact on wider international development.
Akvo has a business model and all our partners are now paying to use our tools.

Akvo stands out

Unique approach based on the strength of the internet sector, which is the future.
Web-based tools, paired with mobile phones, are the right combination for international development
The NGO world is now waking up to the power of the web. We’re positioned perfectly to provide them with systems and tools.
We have a unique ability to connect the entire chain – from water campaigners through the support networks right to the field construction teams.

Akvo is practical

Provision of water and sanitation is the most efficient way to reduce poverty on a large scale.
Our team is experienced in international water issues, partner management, software development and global marketing.
We’re young, dynamic and passionate about what we do.

Akvo is open

We’re easy to access and get to know. The Dutch general public can easily engage with us, fund projects and follow progress.
Our system is open source, so other organisations can use and adapt all our tools for their own programmes too.
Everything we do is about improving transparency, sharing knowledge and bringing development work to life.
Large network in developing countries and major developed county markets

Akvo scales

Everything we build and do is designed to scale up. Like Wikipedia, eBay and YouTube.
We bring immediate access to exciting campaigns like Live Earth and Walking for Water.
We harness the power of networks – drawing in more than 110 partners to date, with many more to come.
Our systems are designed from the core to handle tens of thousands of projects.
Our international partner and PR expansion is helping propel the Netherlands as a leader in internet and mobile-based development innovation.

Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR) makes it easy for local communities and field teams to share short text updates, images and films clips, creating a positive feedback loop. Donors and fundraisers follow project progress online and can showcase storylines automatically in their own websites using Akvo Widgets. NGOs can work with more partners because we offer a common standard for project updates.”

In all cases visitors to the toilets will make donations to Akvo projects, with money flowing to our partners.

Our ideas include involving artists in the creation of the visuals for these installations (for example Anish Kapoor for the Mela festival), and in future involving local African musicians in driving campaigns in their own areas in African countries. (Anke has experience in working with African musicians and a great network there.)

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